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Capturing the life within and behind an organization.

Professional images are so important to a business, non profit, and NGO. Online presence is vital to growth, especially when it comes to fundraising and gathering volunteers. When someone finds your website, you want them to see the faces of the company/organization, not stock-images that are potentially on another website out there.

I come into small businesses, non profits, and NGO’s to photograph their staff, operations, and clients in a way that cultivates their values. I love spending time making everyone comfortable with the camera, to ensure images are representative of the real spirit behind their work.

Example: These images were taken to showcase the amazing chefs at Global Cafe in Memphis, TN. This is a phenomenal restaurant that hires refugee/immigrants to cook and serve food from their country of origin. It was important to me that I got to know the chefs, and stayed in the kitchen for a couple hours to really get an idea of the personalities and atmosphere.

Investment: Hourly $150

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