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Emily Frazier is a humanitarian photographer based in Memphis, Tennessee. Her work strives to tell true stories and shed light on the strength and resilience of those lost in the margins. She believes in humanizing big stats by documenting stories and the realities of heavy topics and politicized issues. She hopes to capture emotion, culture, and truth in her images.

Growing up in Izmir, Turkey, Emily had an early exposure to people and cultures from all over the world. After moving to the United States in 2011, Emily began pursuing her passion for photography professionally at the age of 16. Her empathy and love for people was crafted wandering through streets in Turkey, and now she continues to travel to far places and challenging contexts. You’ll likely find her in deep conversation with a stranger or editing photos in the midst of long airport days (or both!). Emily has a ready backpack, a camera in hand, and a passion to capture the human spirit.

She has worked on campaigns, photo exhibits, photo projects, and documentaries with humanitarian organizations and nonprofits.


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