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Telling people’s stories with dignity

A fantastic way for an NGOs/non profits to communicate their cause/purpose is through story telling. One of the shifts in marketing over the decades has been the change in approach of newsletters, articles, and websites. Breathing life into stats and reports by sharing the stories of those impacted. This service is a step past photography. I come alongside organizations to collect those stories by interviewing and photographing individuals. I deliver interviews through audio or written form.

Example. These images were taken in San Franscio for a docu-series by Voices for the Voiceless, documenting stories of unplanned pregnancy along the West Coast. This project called for on the street interviews. For privacy, no names can be used alongside images. After this man’s powerful interview, I took a few minutes to capture him in his element. He has been singing on this corner for years. You can hear his story here.


$200 hourly / full project prices upon request

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