Work Type: Emily has worked and partnered with World relief for projects, exhibits, and campaigns.

Since our first project together in the summer of 2017, Emily Frazier has been an essential partner with World Relief to better visually communicate powerful stories of strength, resilience, dignity, joy, safety, peace, and hope of our refugee, asylee and immigrant clients and community. Her cultural sensitivity and deep respect for people, along with her easy smile and casual personality, swiftly dissipate any subject's uncertainty in exchange for ease and trust.

Her mastery of light and color, along with how she sees people holistically, leads to a final product that consistently exceeds our expectations. We are so grateful for how she has visually elevated the perspective of our clients and our work in a season where many Americans are confused or concerned about immigration issues, and instead see people just like them.

Karen Spencer, Mobilization Director, World Relief (Memphis)


Project/Work Type: Emily worked with Voices for the Voiceless as a photographer for their docu-series project. She was a part of team that interviewed and captured over 150 individual’s stories through Phoenix, Los Angelos, San Fransisco, Portland, and Seattle.


"Emily Frazier is the kind of photographer that makes the world’s most important causes come alive. Emily captures the human dignity, inner strength, and deepest longings of every person she photographs. She turns dry statistics into heartbreaking, inspiring, hope-giving moments. Along the way, she empowers non-profits and humanitarian organizations to share the stories that inspire people to join on and make a difference.Emily will help people see your cause, be touched by it, and never be the same."

Andrea & Josiah Friedman, Marketing Director & CEO, Voices for the Voiceless

Work/Project Type: Emily has worked for Andie Raye multiple times over the years to photograph marketing images for websites/advertising, as well as event photography.

Emily is an amazing photographer and has a very unique ability to see so deeply through her lens. The photographs she takes are more about the stories behind her “subjects.” She captures the true personalities of those she meets and is able to showcase what most people hide away, their true selves. When looking at the people and moments she captures you are able to truly see life through her lens and meet the world around you. Working with her is just as amazing. She is completely down to earth and always open to ideas. She understands the needs of her clients even when they cannot communicate them. Her finished products are above and beyond expectations.

Stunning photographs. Rare vision. Beautiful and honest.

Andie Raye | Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP